1986 Thurcroft Colliery

 Thurcroft Colliery is sixty three     
 years old.It is very young alongside  
 many older pits in South Yorkshire.It 
 was sunk between 1909 and 1912.The    
 shafts are 800 yards deep and have    
 three workable seams,the Barnsley,the 
 Parkgate and the Swallow Wood.The most
 popular seam was the Barnsley.It      
 produced tons and tons until its      
 exhaustion in 1968.Around 350,000 tons
 has been recently developed from Haigh
 Moor and this seam together with some 
 Swallow Wood will be the colliery's   
 future.Most of the coal goes for the  
 coking coal market and for steel      
 making.The rest that is left is sold  
 as house coal.Thurcroft has an 800 man
 workforce that comes from the village 
 and the surrouding district.          

Map of the area

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