1986 LOCAL HISTORY(Part 2)

 Another small village in the parish is
 Beauvale which takes it's name from   
 the nearby valley with a stream       
 running along the bottom called the   
 Beauvale Brook.Newthorpe was a mining 
 community years ago with most of the  
 male  population working at nearby New
 London Colliery which was closed in   
 1937.The village of Moorgreen is      
 thought to have taken it's name from  
 two local areas of land, one of which 
 consisted of rough moorland known as  
 the 'Moor' and the other of rich      
 grazing land called the 'Green'.The   
 village of Watnall, consists of two   
 hamlets, Watnall Chaworth and Watnall 
 Canteloupe, which in ancient times    
 would be considered as "half a        
 knight's fee"each and could have been 
 awarded by the reigning monarch,to    
 anyone for good service.              

Map of the area

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