The area is made up of four fairly  
 small villages: Selston, Jacksdale,   
 Westwood and Bagthorpe. The population
 is not large and thus few large       
 supermarket chains have been tempted  
 to open in the immediate area.        
   There are many small shops dotted   
 about in the various villages. Usually
 these are general stores or small post
 offices. There are a number of        
 specialist shops too, for example,    
 butchers and bakers. There are also a 
 number of Co-ops but these are        
 relatively small and could not really 
 be described as supermarkets. The only
 retail outlet of any real size is     
 located in the village of Selston and 
 is not generally used by the people of
 the other villages.                   
   Most of the people in the area shop 
 weekly at the towns of Ripley and     
 Alfreton which are quite near.        

Map of the area

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