The M1 motorway, a major part of the
 motorway system of England passes     
 through our area to the north east of 
 the village of Selston. The M1 was the
 first motorway to be built in England.
 It links the cities of London  and    
   The M1 has 3 lanes for traffic      
 travelling in either direction. Only  
 certain types of vehicle are allowed  
 to use it. Pedestrians, bicycles,     
 horses, small motor cycles and learner
 drivers are prohibited.               
   The M1 is important to our area     
 because it allows people and goods to 
 travel quickly to the north or to the 
 south of the country.                 
   When the motorway was first built   
 some people complained because        
 valuable farmland had to be utilised  
 and people also thought that it would 
 be noisy and dangerous.               

Map of the area

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