The Jacksdale scouts meet every     
 Monday night at 8.00 pm. at the scout 
 hut on Main Road in the village.The   
 scouts is for boys aged 10 to 15. The 
 first activity after arriving is the  
 flag break. This is when we hoist the 
 Union Jack and then 'break' it (unfurl
   When this has been done we usually  
 have a game. On a dry night we all go 
 outside and play 'wide game' which is 
 like hide and seek. After this we go  
 back into the hut and split up into   
 groups with the scouters (adults who  
 organise the scout troup) to work on  
 badges. There are many badges which   
 can be earned.They range from swimming
 and athletics to cooking and rope     
   At 9.15 pm. we have a drink of      
 orange. Then we say prayers and go    
 home at 9.30 pm.                      

Map of the area

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