Jacksdale is a village in the county
 of Nottinghamshire. The western edge  
 of the village is approximately 100   
 metres from the River Erewash which at
 this point forms the border with the  
 county of Derbyshire.                 
   Adjoining the village is the Pie    
 Hill Number 2 colliery which is an    
 important source of employment for the
 men of the area.                      
   Jacksdale has its own primary school
 with approximately 220 pupils. The    
 junior department of the school also  
 serves the smaller village of Westwood
 which is approximately half a mile to 
 the east.                             
   The village has both a doctor's and 
 dentist's surgery, a community        
 centre, which houses the youth club   
 and organises events for the old aged 
 pensioners, and 2 social clubs.       

Map of the area

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