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 As modern life styles change, learning
 to fly is becoming popular.           
 There is a flying school at           
 Southampton Airport currently with a  
 dozen staff and 600 customers. To     
 learn to fly costs about £3000 in     
 order to gain a Private Pilot's       
 Licence. The school operates a 38 hour
 course which must be completed in 6   
 months or a 43 hour course with no    
 time limit. There is a 'classroom' for
 briefing and examinations. Each       
 student must take 3 exams lasting for 
 about 1.5 hours. They are tested on   
 Air Law, Navigation and meteorology   
 and the Principles of Flight. They    
 must also take a General Flight Test. 
 There is a 70% pass mark. The school  
 use a single engine Grumman American  
 Cheetah for training.                 

Map of the area

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