1986 My family:Its evenings

 My name is Dawn Holmes                
 Thursday evening.                     
 After tea I switch on the television  
 Joanne reads books.I think she reads  
 too much but she doesn't think so.    
 My Mum does  the washing,cooking and  
 drying up.Dad makes chairs  but  he   
 would rather rest than work.My sister 
 Sarah plays.She's two.                
 On Friday afternoon after tea I go up 
 stairs to practise my recorder.After a
 minute or so I go outside to          
 play.Joanne reads a book then she goes
 to see my Grandads and                
 Grandmas.Afterwards she goes to her   
 friends.Dad has a rest on a Friday.My 
 Mum makes a cup of tea.When we come in
 Mum makes us a drink of Ovaltine      
 Then we go to bed.                    

Map of the area

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