1986 The house I live in

 The house I live in is a semi-detached
 house. My house is built of bricks.   
 The colour of them is red.It is heated
 by gas-fired central heating. It has  
 seven rooms and no garage. It has a   
 garden which is very big. My house is 
 on a big estate. There are four people
 living in it. There is my Mum and Dad,
 my sister and I and two dogs.         
 Downstairs there is a living room     
 which is quite big. We have got a     
 settee, two chairs, a unit, and a T.V.
 The kitchen is very big. We have got a
 gas cooker, an electric kettle and a  
 fridge. There is also a little room by
 the kitchen.                          
 Upstairs are the bathroom and three   
 bedrooms. The big bedroom is mine. The
 small one is my sister's and the third
 one is my Mum and Dad's.              

Map of the area

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