The main use of the land in the area  
 is grassland, covering some seven sq. 
 Kms. of the block area. Three and a   
 half sq.Kms. are taken up by housing  
 and industrial areas, with a further  
 three quarters of a sq.Km being       
 occupied by opencast workings. The    
 remaining area is occupied by bodies  
 of water such as the Loscoe reservoir.
 As much of the area has been opencast 
 workings in the past the soils have   
 not yet stabalised sufficiently to be 
 used other than for enclosed grazing  
 land, with the application of         
 fertilizers, and hay and silage been  
 cut for winter feed for the many      
 cattle.The opencast coal workings     
 dominate much of the area's landscape 
 though cover little of it's area. The 
 population is increasing, shown by the
 increase in housing in the area.      

Map of the area

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