1986 Wakefield Power Station

 Wakefield has had a power station     
 since 1898.On June 15th of that year  
 Wakefield "A" power station was       
 opened.The "B"power station,the one in
 our"D"block was opened on April 1st   
 1948.The station is situated on the   
 south side of the  River Calder       
 between the river and the main        
 Doncaster Rd.It is two miles from the 
 city centre .The site covers 55       
 acres.Since 1955,the station has      
 consumed 18 million tons of           
 coal,produced 35,000,000,000,kw per   
 hours of electricity and at the moment
 employs 171 people.There are four     
 turbo generators,with a speed of      
 3,000 rpm.The boilers consume  28 tons
 of coal per hour.The condensers use   
 40,000 gallons of water per minute.The
 chimneys are  350 feet above ground   

Map of the area

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