Sheila's Kitchen in Cheylesmore is her
 only business concern.The restaurant  
 has been open for three years.Sheila  
 works 7 days a week,sometimes starting
 the day at 0715 and not finishing     
 until 0200.There are 33 staff,4 of    
 them work full time.On the daily menu 
 is a roast dish and a rice dish.A     
 three course meal costs £4.75.All the 
 food is freshly made on the day and is
 all'Home Cooking'.There are always 4  
 vegetables on the menu which is varied
 daily.There is also a separate evening
 menu and snacks are made on           
 request.Sheila chose the name'Kitchen'
 because it was original at the time   
 and the cooking area can be seen      
 whilst eating:this is seen as an      
 incentive for hygiene.The building    
 contains 2 dining areas one on the    
 first floor and the other at street   

Map of the area

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