The Middleton Railway(O.S. sheet104  
 307294-304304), is the oldest railway 
 in the world, and was authorised by an
 Act of Parliament in 1758.It was a    
 colliery railway built to supply the  
 town and neighbourhood of Leeds with  
  The first mention of coal was in     
 1202,when William Grammary was Lord of
 Middleton.When Charles Brandling      
 inherited the Middleton Estates in    
 1749,he built a wagon way with flanged
  In 1808 John Blenkinsop,the manager, 
 appointed Matthew Murray as engineer  
 They designed a steam locomotive which
 ran on a rack rail.                   
  The Middleton Colliery was working   
 until 1968,and used 20 different      
 locomotives,built by local firms such 
 as the Hunslet Engine Company and     
 Hudswell Clarke from 1812 to 1954.    

Map of the area

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