We did a survey to find the most      
 popular games played by seven and     
 eight year olds.We found that they    
 were Hide and Seek,Tig Off The        
 Ground,Donkey and Red Rover.The first 
 two games need little explanation but 
 the rules of the other two are        
 explained below.                      
 DONKEY : One child throws a ball      
 against a wall and tries to jump over 
 it as it bounces back.If they fail    
 they can have another go,but if they  
 fail again,they are out.Any number of 
 children can play.                    
 RED ROVER : This game needs two teams,
 standing in rows facing each other.One
 group says Red Rover,Red rover,we call
 .....(A child from the other team).He 
 or she tries to break through the     
 opponents line.If they do not break   
 through they join that team,if they do
 ,they take a member to their own team.

Map of the area

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