We are in the fourth year at Hunslet 
 Middle School and we have done a      
 survey of what our classmates do in   
 their spare time.                     
  Apart from musical activities(       
 mentioned on previous page) the class 
 do a number of different activities.  
 Dawn is a keen dancer, she studies    
 ballet,modern and tap dancing and     
 enters competitions.                  
  40% of our class go to Hunslet Boys  
 Club or the School Youth Club. Both   
 Clubs provide a variety of activities;
 sport,indoor games,trampoline and     
  40% of our class have computers at   
 home and are keen users.Amanda is a   
 keen Girl Guide and Tony and Ian spend
 3 evenings a week at the Middleton    
 However many of us find Hunslet a     
 boring place to live in.              

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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