We are a fourth year class at Hunslet 
 Middle School.We did a survey to find 
 out how many people had an interest in
 making music.                         
  Five of us play musical instruments: 
 clarinet, organ, viola, violin,       
 trumpet, piano or recorder. Amanda    
 plays three different instruments.    
 Henry went to Germany this year with  
 the South Leeds Music Centre .He      
 stayed with a German family and played
 in a number of Concerts. The Music    
 Centre meets every Saturday at Hugh   
 Gaitskell Middle School during term   
   Richard is a chorister in Leeds     
 Parish Church. This takes up a great  
 deal of his time as he has to attend  
 evening practices everyday. He sings  
 in many concerts and sometimes goes on
 concert tours.                        
 (All names have been changed)         

Map of the area

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