We are a fourth year class at Hunslet 
 C of E Middle School. We did a survey 
 of employment within the families in  
 our class.                            
  Despite the economic situation and   
 the frequency of redundancy, all our  
 fathers go to work at a variety of    
 jobs. Here is a list of some of them: 
 photographer,bus driver,lorry         
 driver,miner,post office worker,      
 builder,taxi driver,gas board fitter. 
 One father works in a casino and one  
 is self employed.Many mothers also    
 work(70%).Their work too,is varied.   
 They work in offices and schools(as   
 dinner ladies or cleaners), Home      
 helps, shop assistants, canteen       
 workers, film developers and Post     
 Office assistants.                    
  33% of our class have jobs as well.  
 we have paper rounds or are           

Map of the area

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