We are in the fourth year at Hunslet  
 Church of England Middle School.Most  
 of us are thirteen and we will leave  
 this school in July 1985 and go to    
 High Schools.                         
  Most of our families are small,with  
 only two or three children,but Nina is
 one of six girls. There have been     
 quite a lot of marriage breakdowns,   
 30% of us have parents who have split 
 up. In every case it was our fathers  
 who have left the home. Some mothers  
 (16.6%) have remarried. Adam had to   
 choose between living with his mother 
 or father, and found this very        
 difficult to do.                      
  Many families do things together.For 
 example Henry's father plays chess    
 with him and the family go to the     
 local sports centre together to play  
 badminton and swim.                   
 (Names have been changed)             

Map of the area

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