South Leeds consists of the five main
 areas of Beeston,Cross Flatts,Hunslet,
  Belle Isle and Middleton.These areas 
 are mainly housing suburbs of Leeds   
 but there is quite a lot of industry  
 in the area as well.                  
  The housing in the area varies       
 between old and modern and private    
 and council estates.                  
  Each area has its own small shopping 
 centre for local shopping needs as    
 well as a number of street corner     
 shops.Larger items can be bought in   
 the city centre which is about 4km    
  There is quite a lot of open space in
 the area.Some of this is the result of
 demolition of old housing and others  
 are planned open spaces or parks.     
  Another feature of the area is that  
 it is bounded by main roads and the.  
 motorways M1 and M62.                 

Map of the area

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