1986 Birdlife

  A survey was conducted around the    
 Donisthorpe area to ascertain which   
 were the most common species of       
 birdlife.The results have been divided
 into four major areas.                
   Woodland :-Jay,magpie,wood pigeon,  
 hedge sparrow,pied wagtail,song       
   Rivers and Pools :-Swifts,swallows, 
 coot,moorhen,grey heron,kingfisher,   
 mallard duck,reed bunting,great       
 crested grebe,swans,geese.            
   Villages :-House sparrow,tree       
 sparrow,song thrush,blackbird,        
 starling,swallow,pied wagtail,magpie, 
 rook,jackdaw,robin,great tit,blue tit,
 barn owl.                             
   Fields :-Hedge sparrow,tree sparrow,
 song thrush,mistle thrush,blackbird,  
 carrion crow,magpie,yellow hammer,    
 fieldfare,wood pigeon,sparrow hawk,   
 kestrel,goldfinch,greenfinch,barn owl.

Map of the area

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