1986 Playground Games

 A very popular game played in school  
 is called North,South,East,West.It is 
 a game marked out on the playground   
 and is fairly easy to play.There can  
 be as many players as you like and the
 more there are the easier the game    
 becomes.A circle is drawn on the      
 ground and North,South,East,West are  
 marked around it.Lines go from the    
 centre to the letters.One person      
 stands in the middle with his or her  
 eyes closed and spins around.When he  
 stops and shouts "stop",the children  
 jump onto the nearest letter and the  
 person in the middle picks a letter.  
 When a letter has been shouted whoever
 is standing on that letter runs off   
 and tries to get back to the circle   
 without the person from the centre    
 catching him.                         

Map of the area

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