On the other side of the tracks to    
 Felling Metro Station is a little old 
 stone building. It is the original    
 station building left over from the   
 Brandling private railway. The        
 Brandling family were very important  
 in this area many years ago and used  
 to own the Felling pit. Just along    
 Mulberry St. from the Brandling       
 Primary School is the site of the old 
 pit shaft. Our teacher's dad used to  
 work in the old mine. We were told    
 that the miners kept a fire burning at
 the bottom of the shaft to expel all  
 the bad air. The other shaft for the  
 good air was higher up the hill. One  
 day there was a terrible explosion and
 lots of men and boys were killed. Many
 of them were buried in St.Mary's      
 Church at Heworth and their           
 gravestones can still be seen.        

Map of the area

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