1986 A Child's View of the Future

   Children's impressions of life in   
 the future contain the following      
 People will live longer because of    
 medical advances and better living    
 conditions. There will be organ banks 
 to enable the transplant of vital     
 organs quickly. Robot limbs will be   
 used when natural limbs are lost.     
 Computers will take over much of the  
 diagnosis now made by doctors. Food   
 will be made tastier by artificial    
 means. Children will learn chiefly by 
 computers. People will travel by hover
 cars and will have personal jet packs 
 on their backs to go short distances. 
 We will rely on solar and nuclear     
 energy. Buildings will be made from   
 moulded plastics. Under water cities  
 will exist because of pollution.There 
 will be communications with a planet  
 in another Universe.                  

Map of the area

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