1986 A Farm Visit (2)

   In the refrigerated tank the milk   
 gets measured by a steel dip-stick.   
 The milk is stirred by a big stirrer. 
 The man from the Milk Marketing Board 
 comes to collect the milk in his      
 tanker. Mrs Wilson gave us a drink of 
 milk 13 minutes old and a chocolate   
   Then we went into the cow byre. On  
 the way we saw some white ducks. The  
 cows licked our hands. After that we  
 went into the shed and saw some       
 machinery. There was a potato sorter, 
 silage tanks, a combine harvester and 
 a hopper to keep corn in. Mr Layfield 
 told us lots of information about     
 them. Last we went to see the pigs.   
 They were very smelly and hairy. Then 
 we went back to school in Mr Wilson's 
 new Land Rover.                       

Map of the area

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