1986 A Farm Visit (1)

 Today we went to Mount Huley Farm. We 
 walked from the school across the     
 fields to the old A1. It took us a    
 good 20 minutes. Mrs Wilson met us at 
 the farm. She and Mr Layfield showed  
 us around. First, we went into the    
 milking parlour. Mr Layfield showed us
 how it worked. It holds 10 cows at a  
 time. The cows are given food from a  
 hopper so that their back ends are at 
 an angle and near the cups to milk    
 them with. A cow gives the most milk  
 when she has just had a calf, but it  
 slowly gets less until she is ready to
 have another calf. The milk from each 
 cow goes into a different bottle. Each
 bottle has measurements on it so that 
 the farmer can tell how much milk each
 cow is giving. The milk is then pumped
 through to the room next door where   
 there is a large refrigerated tank.   

Map of the area

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