1986 An Afternoon-by a Mam.

 My son is taken to playgroup and there
 I can chat to other mothers which     
 relieves the loneliness of being at   
 home all day with only a toddler for  
 company, and forget for a few hours   
 what I have to cook and serve later.  
 Around 3.30pm I prepare a light snack 
 for my youngest and await the others  
 from school. I see to the evening meal
 and hope one of the children will     
 clear up. From then on I feel like a  
 referee, as once I sit down to watch  
 television the fighting starts and it 
 seems peace will never return till    
 5.30 when they go to their practices  
 at the Salvation Army. I call the time
 after 7pm MY TIME.I can do what I     
 want:reading,crosswords,writing that  
 letter or simply watching T.V. I see  
 the children to bed, clear away their 
 things. By 10.30 I'm ready for bed    
 just to do it all again tomorrow.     

Map of the area

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