1986 My Granda-his life. M.moor.

       The tall figure of my daft      
 granda can usually be found thundering
 about in the greenhouse, as he spends 
 most of his time in there with his    
 green tomato plants. When he is not   
 admiring his great garden, he is      
 brewing his poisonous beer or nodding 
 off. When you say,                    
      "You're asleep again," he says,  
      "I wasn't," even if he was       
       He gets up at 5 o'clock, has the
 house cleaned from top to bottom by   
 seven and, if you touch anything, he  
 dusts again.                          
       His hair is white and going     
 bald. He has brown eyes and is dark   
 skinned. His stained false teeth smile
 at you whether they are in his mouth  
 or not! Funny, hardworking and        
 cheerful is my granda, and I love him.

Map of the area

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