1986 Recreation in Spennymoor.

   We asked, "Do you think the         
 Recreation Centre was a good idea?"   
 91% of the people thought it was a    
 good idea and only 4% said it was not.
 In another survey we asked, "Do you   
 use the centre?" 53% of the people we 
 interviewed said they did use the     
   We also surveyed the people in      
 Spennymoor to find out what their     
 hobbies were. The most popular hobby  
 was knitting with 22% of the people   
 choosing it. These were nearly all    
 women. The second most popular hobby  
 was reading with 16%. We found out    
 that 11% of the people liked          
 gardening, most of these were men.    
 Sewing, T.V. and  Bingo all had 4%.   
 The next most popular was cooking     
 with 3%. Puzzles, walking,            
 football,keep-fit and photography were
 also chosen by some people.           

Map of the area

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