1986 Pets in Spennymoor.

 A survey of some people in Spennymoor 
 showed that more people have got dogs 
 than any other pet. They are good     
 pets, dogs can guard you and your     
 house. 30% of the people had dogs as  
 pets. Fish and birds were next in the 
 list both with 7%. Fish are relaxing  
 to watch, they are comforting. Birds  
 are nice pets too, when you whistle   
 they whistle back. A rabbit is a good 
 pet it takes a lot of looking after   
 but they are lovely to handle. Cats   
 were next in our survey. A cat has to 
 have a lot of attention or it will    
 leave you and go into the wild. A     
 hamster is a lovely little thing but  
 only 2% of the people who we          
 interviewed had one. Chickens and     
 guinea pigs only got 1%, so did horses
 and ponies.                           

Map of the area

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