1986 Yard Games-Spennymoor.

 In the yard we play tag, where someone
 is on and he chases other people and  
 tags them and then they're on. As well
 as tag we play football or knock out  
 where one person is in goal and the   
 others tackle to score a goal. The one
 who scores last is out and we just    
 keep on playing until there is a      
 winner. Sometimes we play bulldog     
 where one person is on and we have to 
 run from one den to another without   
 being caught. We also play King where 
 we are in a circle and if the ball    
 goes through your legs you are on and 
 you have to throw the ball at other   
 people then they are on. Some people  
 play skipping games or two ballie.    
 They sing songs as they are playing.  
 Sometimes marbles or conkers are      
 played. In winter we have snowball    
 fights and make slides. Some people   
 play on roller boots.                 

Map of the area

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