1986 Batley R.L.Club

 Batley Rugby League Club is about half
 a mile from the town centre.The ground
 is called Mount Pleasant and it can   
 hold about 9,000 people.The nickname  
 of the club is The Gallant Youths.    
 Batley play in the second division    
 usually on a Sunday afternoon.They    
 play in the colours of cerise and     
 fawn.Admission into the ground is     
 £1.50 for adults and £1.00 for        
 children and O.A.P.'s.                
 Two facilities at the Batley ground   
 are the Taveners Club and a caravan   
 which sells soup,crisps,etc..The      
 ground has a long stand and a short   
 stand. Batley have been quite         
 successful in the past few months     
 sincethey got a new coach named George
 Pieniazek.Most of the side come from  
 the Batley Boys Rugby League Club.    
 Batley were the first ever team to win
 the Challenge Cup in the 1896/97season

Map of the area

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