Denwick Church was built in the late  
 19th century because the villagers    
 wanted a church of their own away from
 Alnwick.It is probably one of the     
 newest buildings in the village and   
 its opening was marked by a photograph
 of notable villagers which still hangs
 in the church.It is a very simple     
 stone built church with a sturdy      
 wooden door.Although it is not        
 dedicated to a particular saint,one of
 the small,gothic stained glass windows
 commemorates St.Anne. The furniture is
 very simple;rush seated chairs,a small
 altar  and no pulpit. Mrs.Dixon       
 remembered a time when the villagers  
 had to be in Church before the bell   
 started ringing in order to get a     
 seat, but now the Vicar is happy that 
 there are usually 8-10 in his         
 fortnightly congregation.             

Map of the area

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