Norman Church,from the 12th. century. 
 There are many interesting features   
 both inside the church and the        
 ajoining church-yard.These include    
 wall paintings and a modern window    
 depicting scenes from the             
 plague.Outside is a Celtic Cross and  
 an unusual sun-dial                   
 EYAM C.E. PRIMARY SCHOOL.             
 The school was opened in 1877 and     
 there have been a number of additions 
 to the original buildings. The school 
 had up to three hundred pupils at one 
 time,but now there are just sixty-six.
 THE PLAGUE COTTAGES.                  
  These are a row of cottages close by 
 the church.It was in one of these that
 George Vicars,the first plague        
 victim, died.                         

Map of the area

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