BRADSHAW HALL.                       
  The ruins of Bradshaw Hall can be    
 seen at the bottom of Hawkhill Road,  
 opposite the car park.                
 This building was never completed or  
 lived in as the Hall was being        
 completed just as the plague broke    
 out.The Bradshaw family who were      
 squires of Eyam fled from the village 
 to avoid the plague.                  
 EYAM HALL.                            
 This Tudor building has been the home 
 of the Wright family for three hundred
 years. It was built after the plague  
 using some material from the ruins of 
 Bradshaw Hall. Eyam Hall is to be     
 found opposite the stocks in the      
 centre of the village                 
 ST. LAWRENCE'S CHURCH.                
  Situated near to Eyam Hall,the parish
 church has sections from many periods 
 of history. Part is still the original

Map of the area

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