1986 Lead Rakes.

 The whole area is criss-crossed and   
 scarred by old lead rakes. These are  
 the visible remnants of the veins of  
 lead which have mined in this locality
 for more than two centuries. The veins
 ran in short ,straight lines and were 
 mined out and then filled in, so that 
 they can now be seen on the hillside  
 as areas of broken land, since grassed
 over but quite distinct from the      
 smooth hill pastures.                 
 In some cases trees were planted on   
 the line of the rake. Pasture which   
 has yielded lead can poison cattle, so
 the trees were planted and walled to  
 make sure tha rakes were not grazed.  
 The rakes are now sometimes re-worked 
 for fluorspar, calcite and barytes.   

Map of the area

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