1986 Upland Vegetation.

 The upland limestone supports many    
 plants and flowers, even though it is 
 grzed by sheep and cattle.            
 In sheltered parts wild Lily of the   
 Valley can be found and Columbine.    
 Gorse and Thistles come in where the  
 pasture is not closely controlled and 
 also Blackberries are abundant.       
 The Early Purple Orchid appears in the
 dales and Lords and Ladies and Mare's 
 Tail. Elder is plentiful.             
 Moon Daisies are abundant in summer   
 and their petals are used in the well 
 dressing pictures. There is a local   
 superstition that anyone picking one  
 of the wild blue Geraniums will bring 
 on a thunderstorm! On the hilltops, in
 June, the tiny wild yellow Viola can  
 be found.                             

Map of the area

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