1986 Trees.

 The area, being limestone, naturally  
 produces trees such as Ash, Sycamore  
 and Elm, although the latter is now   
 scarce. Large shrubs -Hawthorn, Elder,
 Blackthorn, Wild Rose and Dogwood are 
 also found and Hazel is common. There 
 are also plantations which have been  
 established, containing some deciduous
 woods, but also conifers like Larch.  
 Owing to the exposed nature of the    
 hills, shelter belts are another      
 feature of the landscape.             
 The National Park Authority has taken 
 the initiative of planting new trees  
 in Hassop avenue to replace decayed   
 ones and also at Calver Sough on a    
 central reservation of a road         
 junction. These are often "exotics"   
 such as Beech, Horse Chestnut, Cherry 
 and Alder.                            

Map of the area

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