1986 Farms.

 The farms of this area are hill farms 
 for the most part, with rough,        
 enclosed grazing for sheep and cattle.
 In a few cases improvements to the    
 grass have been made by ploughing and 
 re-seeding. One or two farms in the   
 lower valleys occasionally plant other
 crops but this is the exception rather
 than the rule.                        
 The land is limestone and the         
 enclosures mostly dry-stone walls,    
 some of which are now in poor         
 condition.The upland farms are very   
 isolated and suffer a colder climate  
 because of their exposure. For this   
 reason, huge barns have been arising  
 in recent years, in which cattle      
 are kept all winter and from which    
 slurry manure drains into ponds to    
 hold it.                              

Map of the area

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