1986 Calver Sough - Commerce.

 Six commercial enterprises have grown 
 around Calver Crossroads.             
 At 240748 is a petrol station with, at
 the rear, a motor workshop and coach  
 operation. South South East of the    
 crossroads a car sales concern neatly 
 displays cars under what was          
 previously a petrol station canopy.   
 On the east side of Hassop Road a     
 small wooden building houses a busy   
 sweet shop. Just beyond is the Garden 
 Centre. Immediately west of the       
 crossroads is a building which        
 was until recently a boot factory. it 
 now seems little used, with some      
 storage and possibly a small          
 industrial undertaking. To the north  
 of the crossroads is a large modern   
 public house,"The Eyre Arms" and      
 beside it a car park.                 

Map of the area

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