1986 Calver Peak Television Mast.

 In an area of hills and very deep     
 dales the reception of radio and      
 television is difficult. The          
 countryside has always lagged behind  
 the town in these matters, due to its 
 The remedy has been to put special TV 
 masts on certain hills, to boost the  
 local reception, and this was done    
 particularly when BBC2 was introduced.
 The masts are not attractive in a     
 National Park and can be called an    
 intrusion on the landscape. Their     
 provision causes controversy so they  
 are kept to a minimum.                
 The one on Calver Peak is very        
 prominent but brought BBC2 to the     
 area. A means of receiving Channel 4  
 is now awaited.                       

Map of the area

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