1986 Recreation - Calver.

 There are two amenity areas within    
 this block, one is the Bowling Club,  
 which has its ground adjacent to the  
 crossroads at Calver Sough, and the   
 other is the recreation field which is
 on the side of the road to Grindleford
 and Sheffield. The bowling club has a 
 clubroom and one green and has members
 in both Calver and nearby Stoney      
 The recreation field is owned by a    
 firm who sell camping equipment and   
 they use it for several open air      
 exhibitions each year. At other times 
 it is used by the inhabitants of      
 Calver for games -mainly football -by 
 both adults and children, and for     
 sports events. The club house is a    
 caravan and some trees have been      
 planted on the road edges.            

Map of the area

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