1986 Education- Butterton/Onecote

     In Butterton there used to be a   
primary school but it closed in 1979.  
There were very few pupils at the      
school when it closed.  The basic      
subjects were taught by two teachers.  
The children now have to travel 3 miles
to the first and middle schools at     
Warslow.  A bus is provided by the     
county education committee.            
     Until July 1984 there was a       
primary school in Onecote.  The school 
was closed because there were so few   
children.  These children are now bused
to the first and middle schools at     
Warslow or Waterhouses.                
     When the children from both       
villages are thirteen they have to     
travel 8 miles to Leek where they      
attend Leek High School.  Once again   
the county provide the transport.      

Map of the area

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