I awake at 7.30am.Washing,cleaning   
teeth,combing hair and completing      
homework takes 10 minutes.I live 0.5   
miles from school and leave home at    
8.30 to arrive at 8.45.Registration    
is at nine to be followed by Assembly, 
which all the children hate.           
  During our whole day,we have 8       
lessons lasting 35 minutes (some are   
doubles).Life in the classroom is      
not too strict,depending on the        
teacher.Examples of lessons are        
French,German,English and History.     
There is a 15 minute break after 70    
minutes.Pupils buy pop and crisps      
in the canteen.At lunchtime some       
children eat sandwiches,others stay    
for school dinners or go home.Lessons  
continue until 3.50pm when pupils go   
home.Evenings are spent watching       
television,going to discos and doing   
homework.I go to bed at 10.30pm.       

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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