Council estate: There are a total of  
 2345 homes in our area. In a survey we
 discovered that on average 4.08 people
 live in each house. This gives an     
 estimated total ppopulation of 9568.  
 Of these 41% were children under 16,  
 52% were adults of working age and 7% 
 were pensioners. We found that 50% of 
 the children were born in the area,   
 38% came from other parts of Walsall  
 and 12% from other areas of the West  
 Midlands. None cames from further     
 afield. Of the adults only 25% were   
 born in the area, 53% came from the   
 rest of Walsall, 11% from the West    
 Midlands, 5% from other parts of      
 Britain and 6% were born abroad       
 (mostly in the Republic of Ireland).  

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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