On the edge of the area is a pool     
 known as "The Swag". It is on an open 
 space with a large area of water.     
 There are many birds here including   
 coot, moorhen, tufted duck, mallard   
 and a family of mute swans. "The Swag"
 is connected to Stubbers Green via a  
 tunnel under the Aldridge Road. A     
 large area of reeds here provides     
 cover and shelter for the birds as    
 well as a supply of food. A lot of    
 people fish here and tench, roach,    
 pike, chub, perch, bream and gudgeon  
 are present.                          
 In Greenfields Road there is a horses 
 field with a pond where herons fish.In
 our area there a lot of foxes. Two    
 chickens have recently been eaten by  
 them. Some people have seen foxes     
 looking into the bins, but nobody has 
 seen them attack any chickens.        

Map of the area

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