The land belongs to a local estate    
 which owns the fishing rights & the   
 cottages are tied. The trout farm is  
 controlled by a partnership of estate 
 owner & private person who manages    
 trading. Farm covers 1.6 acres, breeds
 & rears stock from eggs to table size.
 Purpose of farm: to re-stock lakes &  
 rivers across country. Fish are       
 transported live in special tankers.  
 The Water Authority monitors river,   
 checks fortnightly. 10 years old farm 
 needs 2 local men plus owner, a 24 hr 
 job. Population is 8. Rural area, cars
 necessary for shopping in nearby      
 towns/villages or for doctors' visits.
 Nothing in way of entertainment       
 except inns in nearby villages. All   
 homes have pets, need telephone, use  
 a freezer to store food. Post Office, 
 Church, schools all out of area.      
 Bus service infrequent, on main road. 

Map of the area

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