2011 Life in Gussage All Saints 2011

Gussage All Saints is the only village in "our square" and the entry for 1986 is still very much the same.There has been additional housing in the village as larger gardens or plots have been built on. It continues to attract and be an affluent community but with local long - established village and farming families.

The pub has changed several times and Marston's have now bought out Ringwood Brewery to run " The Drovers" with a manager. The Social Club has recently lost its owner, a much loved gentleman who had run the club with his late wife for so many years. At this time there is no reason to think that the club will come to an end as family members appear happy for it to continue, as it is so popular locally.

The Village Hall was refurbished in the 1990s and hosts "Forest Forge" Drama Productions, Art, Yoga classes and Bingo as well as Parish Council Meetings. The annual Fete has become a big event in th e village calendar with TV personalities performing the opening ceremony.

There is no longer a garage and the site has been re-developed to give more housing.Also, Witchampton has opened a village shop in its Social Club, fairly recently .and villagers do some of their shopping there.

The children continue at Wimborne St. Giles First School and Cranborne Middle School from age 5 to 13.

Contribution by: Heather Bartlett and Gillian Martin


Map of the area

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