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The countryside, cottages and roads remain the same. At times there is very heavy holiday traffic on the B3081 and B3078 roads and it is fair to say that day to day use is much heavier than in 1986. The famous Great Dorset Steam Fair at nearby Tarrant Hinton at the end of August, now more than 40years old, is a tremendous event, popular not only locally with the agricultural and farming fraternity but visitors come from all over the country and abroad.While not in our "square" as such the traffic increases with the arrival of many who need to prepare and set up early and leave later after the event. Then the steam engines arrive on low-loaders or under their own steam! Later, the general public arrive on a day trip basis and the roads of our square reflect the increase in traffic for about a month. In addition the advent of the satellite navigation system may lead to people trying short-cuts and clogging up the nearby lanes.

The people of 1986, may have moved on but one or two families continue as before.The children who attended Cranborne Middle and Queen Elizabeth Upper Schools have grown up and some live locally.Shopping continues to be easily available at Verwood but some prefer further afield. Now that a car or cars are essential people work away from home and shopping is often done on the way to and from work.The doctors' surgeries remain the same in Sixpenny Handley, Cranborne and Verwood and are still impossible to visit without a car or surgery transport run by volunteers.

Bet Potter who was mentioned in 1986 died in 2004 and had moved into a cottage in nearby Wimborne St. Giles.The Post Office and village shop continues to flourish in a time when post offices are closing very frequently.

Contribution by: Heather Bartlett and Gillian Martin


Map of the area

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