2011 Farming, Eggs and Cereals 2011

The land continues to be owned by the Shaftesbury Estates and the farms are still tenanted. Knowle Hill Farm is much as in 1986 with the same family working the land as it has done for several generations.The large Victorian farmhouse houses a younger generation and the family interests include golf, football and ponies.The local schools are still used and school buses provide transport.daily.

Land use is very similar to 1986 with arable, beef, cereal crops and chickens.

The big change in farming is that the 5500 hens are reared no longer in battery cages but are free-range and the eggs go to Waitrose.

There are thirty cows comprising a suckler herd, meaning that the cows feed their calves and the young ones stay with their mothers, rather than being taken away to allow the mothers to go return to a dairy herd.Instead, the calves are bred for beef.

Contribution by: Heather Bartlett and Gillian Martin


Map of the area

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