Some people from scattered homes      
 are employed on local farms or in     
 woods. There are small self-employed  
 units, but most commute to nearby     
 towns for work & entertainment. Many  
 women have part-time jobs. Children   
 travel by bus to school. A private    
 bus company provides a sketchy service
 but most people think that at least 1 
 car is essential. Many elderly feel   
 compelled to move to town when ill    
 health dictates that they can no      
 longer drive - churches, doctors &    
 shopping all being out of the area.   
 Many hunt, shoot & fish, while        
 youngsters enjoy BMX & motor sports in
 adjoining areas. Women's Institutes,  
 whist and bingo can be attended in    
 nearby village halls, gardening &     
 education classes fill time. Several  
 residents take an active part in Local
 Government & conservation issues.     

Map of the area

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